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A commercial kitchen manufacturer for the national market has revamped its production by moving from traditional panel saw technology into the new software driven CNC environment for such niche businesses.

Cummins Joinery, based in Sydney, is beating all its clients’ time constraints by driving production with Cabinet Vision software supplied by Planit and computer numerically controlled MultiCam cutting machine.

Cummins Joinery produces kitchens, products for bathroom renovations, school maintenance items (lockers, etc), and other commercial and residential items and has placed great emphasis on Planit’s commitment to ongoing technical support.

According to Cummins, it is clear that since Cabinet Vision was deployed to its production processes, it has provided better yields, higher profits, faster job times, and has helped its staff to become upskilled in this dynamic part of the manufacturing industry.

Before Cummins made the decision to completely run its production on Cabinet Vision and CNC machinery, it was a lot more hands-on in the factory and although effective in the way it ran its business, it was labour-intensive with cutting being performed on panel saws.

According to Cummins, it looked at buying new machinery such as new panel saws and associated equipment, but purchasing a new panel saw would have been the same price as equipping it with CNC technology driven by powerful manufacturing software.

It was at this point, Cummins made a decision to upgrade technologies and Cabinet Vision has made a massive difference to its production rate and has now allowed it to think about more expansion.

Since putting Cabinet Vision throughout the business, Cummins has seen that its production operators can leave the CNC machine unattended (something that was not possible with saws) which allows them to take care of other tasks.

The new set-up has basically halved the amount of labour time on each job. Cummins gets

maximum yield out of all blank sheets, it gets maximum dollar returns on all the material and it produces far less waste.

The irony is that Cummins have had Cabinet Vision for quite some time, but it was only using it for point-of-sale purposes.

But Planit gave Cummins all the technical support it needed. It was so clear just how much can be gained from moving into this software driven technology which allows Cummins so much more scope to grow its business and gain new markets.

CNC machines are only going to run as well as the software that drives them, but Cabinet Vision is powerful and relatively easy to use so Cummins gained good results from the word go.

Even though Cabinet Vision is more expensive than other software on the market, it runs Cummins’ production processes with high efficiency.

The software lends itself to all sorts of work and currently Cummins has expanded into cutting of staircases and other difficult items. The system will auto select a tool etc, yet still allows manual override when required.

Engineered wholly and solely for the woodworking industry, Cabinet Vision is a screen-to-machine software. For those workshops automating their businesses with CNC equipment, Cabinet Vision is fully integrated with the Planit CNC centre, therefore providing a complete screen-to-machine solution and confirms all parts and part operations before sending data to the factory.

Cabinet Vision is easy to set-up for the building of cabinets using favourite joinery techniques. Based on a simple wizard, it allows the creation of unlimited set-ups, mixes various settings per job and changes from one style to another instantly and allows saving of the construction methods for use over and over again.

An operator can customise cabinet sizes, shape, or any construction to suit the customer's needs. Colours and textures can be selected for the whole room or for individual cabinets and parts. Lighting and reflections can be controlled to bring these designs to life well before any manufacturing has begun.

Unlimited detailing includes the following:

  • Users can configure openings and interior parts
  • Placement of shelves, dividers, trays, and subassemblies.
  • Control of door reveals, styles, guides and other options per opening.
  • Materials can be changed per job, per room, per cabinet, or per part for complete control.
  • Cabinet shapes can be edited in plan view, elevation view or side view
  • Prints are made for colour or detailed line drawings.
  • Instant change is facilitated between various construction settings.
  • Parts in part operations change instantly.

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