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article image Radan 2005 meets the demands of manufacturing.

RADAN, represented in Australia by Solspec , has released Radan 2005 CAD/CAM software for the sheetmetal industry. Modern punch presses are complex machines that require sophisticated programming to deliver their full potential.

Radan 2005’s Radpunch has built-in support for the latest tooling such as wheels and shears, as well as ancillary equipment such as loaders, unloaders and part picking.

Combined with post processors supported by manufacturing and cutting databases, Radpunch delivers high productivity.

Modern manufacturing requires efficiency, flexibility and low cost in order to meet customer's needs. The demands for smaller batches, shorter lead times and lower cost are increasing all the time.

Radpunch is able to meet these demands with effective functionality where it is needed. A sub-contractor, for example, can turn imported DXF files into programs in just a few minutes. By exploiting Radpunch's built-in automatic tooling and nesting, many parts can be manufactured together on a single sheet. Typically, this increases material utilisation while reducing the number of machine tool setups required and so maximises machine tool productivity.

Radpunch greatly enhances production flexibility by enabling manufacturing to be switched easily from one machine tool to another. This is possible because Radpunch parts can store tooling and part removal information for more than one machine at a time. It is a simple process to create a program for a new machine by creating a new nest and post processing.

Radprofile brings advanced CNC profiling to the Radan 05 family. Combining sophisticated technology with a high level of automation, Radprofile delivers maximum productivity for engineering staff and machine tools.

Radan 05 Radprofile supports most machine tools available worldwide today. Radprofile integrates seamlessly with Radpunch to provide a comprehensive solution for combination machines such as punch/laser or punch/plasma.

Radprofile is even easier to use than ever. The revised user interface and graphics display simplifies operation and enhancements to the manufacturing database means more information about production processes is captured by the system for use in future programs.

A free Radan 05 demonstration CD can be obtained by calling SOLSPEC-02 954 48195.

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