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LED Cyanosis Standard Downlights from Planet Lighting

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Planet Lighting  specialises in the supply of a line of LED cyanosis standard downlights designed for hospitals to accurately assess a patient’s skin colour for early detection of cyanosis.  

Cyanosis is a blue colouration of the skin and mucous membranes usually associated with a decreased amount of oxygen in the blood.

Australian and New Zealand ‘Cyanosis’ standard 1680.2.5 sets out lighting recommendations for a variety of tasks carried out within hospitals and medical facilities, specifically for particular tasks associated with clinical observation, treatment and care.

According to Standard 1680.2.5, it is mandatory for clinical observation areas to have cyanosis standard lighting installed to assist in the correct and prompt visual diagnosis of cyanosis.

Lack of options in currently available lighting technology may lead to over or under lighting in these areas in addition to causing excessive electricity consumption. More importantly, the lighting systems may not meet Australian and New Zealand standard 1680.2.5 or the BCA energy requirements.

Planet Lighting has designed and developed a range of Australian-made LED downlights to meet the mandatory Australian and New Zealand ‘Cyanosis’ standard 1680.2.5.

Available in a range of lumen packages, beam angles and fixture styles with dim and non-dimming control, Planet Lighting’s COA (clinical observation areas) LED downlights range enables medical facilities to select long-life energy-efficient fixtures for these areas.

COA LED downlights additionally enable medical facilities to promote green sustainable business practices.

Key features of LED Cyanosis Standard Downlights

  • Available in narrow, medium and wide beam angles
  • Meets mandatory Australian and New Zealand ‘Cyanosis’ standard 1680.2.5
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption using up to 75% less power than a 50 watt MR16 halogen downlight
  • 10 watts/ 600 lumen output
  • Significantly reduces maintenance and lamp change due to 50,000-hour life
  • Reduces air-conditioning load
  • Meets COI index (less than 3.3)
  • IP44 rated

LED cyanosis standard downlights are being launched at the Medical Fair Australia in Sydney.

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