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article image OUTPOST Firewall V3.5.

OUTPOST Firewall Pro is a firewall internet security program that runs on a single computer or networked computers connected to the internet in a small business office or home office.

Firewall's have to be smarter in 2006, and need to protect every computer.

A traditional firewall protected the internet gateway, stopping intruders, hackers and internet borne probes by trojans or robot PCs gaining access to the internet connected computers in the business or home.

The firewall could be a software program on the gateway computer. In other cases an appliance device provided the firewall function of screening and blocking the un-authorised inbound network access attempts.

Do internet-connected computers need to be protected?

With most small business computers being connected to the internet for email and web browsing, it has become more important to protect all the connected computers with both way, inbound and outbound screening or internet security.

Outpost Firewall Pro, available from Pixell ITT , is software that runs on each computer in the network supervising or policing all outbound and inbound internet use.

Outpost Firewall Pro Version 3.5 features

The new Outpost Pro Firewall version 3.5 version features a few changes making Outpost even easier to use than previous versions. Users will have to do less work configuring Outpost. Additional security features have also been added.

Outpost Firewall Pro's new version 3.5 enhancements include:

* Spyware detection and removal.

* Protection from spyware and identity theft.

* Network activity monitor.

* Automatic, intelligent protection against hacker attacks.

* Application control, and

* Improvenet (where Agnitum engineers provide recommended configuration settings).

Anti spyware

The anti-spyware plug-in now ensures that vulnerable areas of the PC are constantly monitored for possible spyware activity. And the logging system is now more intuitive, customisable, and easy to use.

Automatically generate and apply configurations

With this version of Outpost, Agnitum introduces ImproveNet. ImproveNet is a network community that brings Outpost users and Agnitum engineers together to optionally share configurations and enable everyone to benefit from universally-applicable Internet access security rules.

Smart spyware sensor

Spyware remains a serious threat, and smart but not overly restrictive protection should always be in place. That's why Agnitum decided to incorporate a spyware sensor into Outpost's active connections monitor.

Flexible logging system

Outpost's improved logging system now uses fewer system resources and provides clearer logs.

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