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Voice and data communication services offered by Pivotel

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Pivotel  is a telecommunication company that offers voice and data communication services to government organisations, businesses and individuals. Pivotel provides Globalstar and Iridium based network communication services to its clients. The communication products distributed by Pivotel include satellite, voice, cellular and data enabled products and asset tracking systems. Pivotel offers reliable and efficient support services to its clients. Pivotel offers the Iridium network services to its clients at affordable call rates. The Iridium satellite constellation system is a network of 66 active low orbiting satellites. The Iridium network services offered by Pivotel provide mobile users with reliable and efficient global coverage facilities. Pivotel provides its subscribers with standard mobile numbers and local dialing facilities.

Some of the Iridium network based satellite handsets and kits distributed by Pivotel include Iridium 9505A, Iridium vehicle kits, Iridium antenna kits, batteries, CD-ROMs and antenna adapters. The satellite handsets and accessories supplied by Pivotel are manufactured according to industrial quality standards. The Iridium 9505A model of satellite and data enabled phones supplied by Pivotel come with retractable antennas.

The Iridium phones are resistant to water and dust and shock. Pivotel’s Iridium phones come with user friendly interface options.

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