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TracerTrak asset tracking products available now from Pivotel

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Available now from Pivotel , TracerTrak is a state of the art asset tracking product that is cost-effective, easy to install, and can be used across many situations, such as tracking a fleet of trucks.

TracerTrak is a unique asset tracking service that allows companies to keep track of their mobile assets anywhere in the country. It works by simply attaching a self contained, self powered satellite tracking unit to the asset that is to be traced, which then uses onboard GPS receivers to determine the current location of the asset. This information is then transmitted by either cellular or satellite network back to the TracerTrak servers. This information can include details such as motion, input status, duress, alarms, and more.

TracerTrack asset tracking services enable companies to:

  • locate, map, and track mobile assets throughout Australia and its surrounding waters
  • collect and deliver telemetry data from a remote monitoring solution - with or without mapping
  • view and manage assets online through the secure, simple to configure TracerTrak console; and
  • always stay in touch through sophisticated schedule or event driven alerting functionality delivered via email or SMS.

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