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32mm non-reverse tapping chuck

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article image In-built safety mechanism.

PIPER Tools has extended its range of tapping chucks with a new 32mm unit - the largest the company has ever manufactured for non-reverse operating mode.

Designed for use across the entire spectrum of engineering and manufacturing for tapping holes, Piper's 32mm capacity unit has a unique, in-built safety/protection mechanism to assist operators.

If the situation arises where too small a hole may have been drilled into a work piece and the tap cannot make progress, Safetap's clutch automatically slips so the tap cannot be broken and the unit itself will not be damaged.

Piper Tools manager John Cameron said this feature was especially functional in smaller taps.

"Occasionally an operator may wind up the clutch a little too much which can potentially break the tap, but the slip feature negates that situation and saves the tap before any damage occurs.

"Whereas the general belief is against using a clutch unit to tap a blind hole - where it doesn't drill all the way through a piece - Safetap has a way around the problem.

"Most clutches are not really designed to be used in this way, but ours disengages completely to stop just before the hole is fully bored and reverses out again."

Due to the product line's long lifespan, markets for Safetap equipment are widespread and include engineering, mining, shipyards, car makers and construction.

Australian crane builder Favelle Favco has been using a similar tap chuck manufactured by Piper Tools since 1997 with no performance trouble whatsoever.

Piper Tools is a wholly owned Australian company manufacturing a range of tapping chucks for holes 2mm-42mm diameter.

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