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High tech pipes unveiled

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article image UHMWPE Pipe

Pipe & Buoy Australia  will be displaying the latest ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) pipes from China on Stand 8104 at AIMEX.
UHMWPE is a new technology in engineering thermoplastics, with up to 5.5 million viscosity-average molecular weight.
According to Pipe & Buoy’s Technical Manager Eugene Lakous, UHMWPE has significant advantages over other pipe materials.
“It boasts reduced surface friction – it is so smooth that even barnacles won’t grow on it, hence its use in the navigational buoys and beacons industry. Self-lubrication, corrosion resistivity, wear resistivity, temperature capacity, anti-aging, and UV degradation resistivity are just a few other hallmarks of this material.
“Basically it is better than HDPE – it’s nearest plastic pipe competitor – in every possible way,” Lakous said.
“The only reason someone isn’t considering using UHMWPE for a piping process should be because they haven’t heard of it. Even pricing isn’t an issue as it is cost competitive against HDPE.”
Pipe & Buoy Australia is the exclusive distributor of UHMWPE Pipe and Navigational Aids manufactured by Shandong Buoy & Pipe in China.
“Our sister dredging and civil contracting company, Giles Group, came across the pipe while needing to find a solution to large scaling and wear problems at a New Caledonian mine. This product came up trumps,” Lakous said.
“UHMWPE is completely new to the Australian market and has only been around worldwide for six or seven years. In that time it has gone from not existing to being worth a billion Australian dollars in new sales just in China in the current calendar year.”

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