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Pioneer DreamBook IL1 notebook from Pioneer Computers Australia

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Pioneer Computers Australia  has built up a basic IL1 notebook on its site with 40GB HDD, 1GHz CPU and a 7in screen.

The Pioneer DreamBook IL1 is being pushed as an Eee PC killer.

Overall, the Pioneer DreamBook IL1 will make do as a rough and ready, uber cheap, email and Web browsing laptop. The processor's a Via C7-M, (up to 1.2GHz), versus the 1.6GHz Atom for the new generation of Eee machines. There is 1GB of RAM, versus up to 2GB for the Eee, and the screen is a tiny 7in, though there is an 8.9in option.

A couple of positive notes are the hard drive options (40GB-80GB) and the battery life, which Pioneer Computers claims is of 8 hours. It is yet to run in-depth battery testing but if the IL1 even reaches half of this, Pioneer Computers Australia feels it be doing well compared to the Eee.

There is also an IL2, which is listed on the Pioneer Computers site. It is a tablet, 4GB flash, and weighs 800g with an 8in screen.

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