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Pioneer Computers releases computer system designed for cars

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White-box maker Pioneer Computers has released a range of industrial computers including Car PC S63.

The DreamVision fan-less Core Duo mini PC/Car PC S63 is a computer system designed for cars and has no noise. In the past products like the Car PC S63 was the domain of car and hi-fi accessory dealers.

However, according to Pioneer Computers, the future of desktop PCs will be in entertainment for both homes and cars.

Pioneer Computers believes when the desktop market disappears a lot of people will be asking about the future of PCs. With products moving further away from the traditional desktops features and functionalities, new markets need to be created for the channel.

Car entertainment will play a big part in the future of IT. People spend nearly two hours travelling to and from work. In the time that they are stuck in traffic there is a lot they can do with a Car PC S63.

The Car PC S63 has an optional car start delay timer (which delays PC starting time to allow the car to cool down), key removed delay timer (which delays the PC shutdown) and hard shutdown (which shutdown the PC when OS unable to shutdown).

The Car PC S63 has a wide range of applications and runs on Intel Core II Duo. The Car PC S63 can also be a personal desktop, office system, digital signage controller, thin and fat clients, video streaming, industrial system controller, POS PC and Kiosk PC, gateway, router, application server, file server, game server, monitoring, control and data logging, TV, radio, recording and audiology studios.

The Car PC S63 uses standard processors, hard disk drives and memory. There are no proprietary components required for the Car PC S63.

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