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Pioneer Computers introduces the DreamRobot tablet-based home service robot

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Pioneer Computers  introduces a unique tablet-based home service robot designed to perform a diverse range of practical services in the home.

DreamRobot, the tablet-based home service robot by Pioneer Computers offers 24/7 user-friendly service, with human-robot emotional interaction and multifunctional intelligent service. For instance, the DreamRobot can be used in the healthcare segment, enabling patients to access health checks or treatment information and make emergency calls with the U-Health Device from their homes. The home service robot also serves entertainment, security and educational needs.

Operating on Android 3.x or Windows 7, the DreamRobot comes with a camera, microphone, speaker, emotional display LED motion, 10.1-inch touchscreen avatar with a resolution of 1280 x 800 as well as a mobile and PSD sensor.

The futuristic robot features HRI Service Engine (Artificial Intelligence). With its patented technology of User Intention Recognition, the DreamRobot is capable of emotional look and gesture expression and service scenario editing.

Key features of DreamRobot tablet-based home service robot:

  • Patented Emotional Avatar capable of various emotional expressions and lip sync
  • Mobile base allows it to move forward or backward, rotate, avoid obstacles and also charge manually
  • Remote control operation enables tele-operation and tele-presence
  • Can be used by patients to access health checks and treatment information or make emergency calls
  • Remote communication functions can be used as a video phone or remote CCTV
  • Can be used to access family SNS service, music, movies, weather report, news etc.
  • Functions as an interactive education device for children
The DreamRobot is available from Pioneer Computers on a build to order basis.

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