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Pioneer Computers introduces online build to order ruggedized computers

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Computers are an important tool for many organizations, and when computers go mobile the risk of damage is higher. That's when durability and reliability become major concerns.

Standard computers cannot withstand rough handling. In case of component failure and damage, there is the risk of losing valuable data and down time in operation. That is when ruggedized computers come into play.

Ruggedized computers come in all shapes and sizes, from laptops and tablets to PDA, and they are certified to comply with military standards.

There are unique features specifically designed to survive the harsh elements of outdoor use, such as super strong water resistant chassis, full magnesium case, sealed ports, shock mounted removable hard disk drive, vibration protection, drop and shock resistance, sunlight readable screens, hard disk heater for freezing temperatures plus mounting kits to operate on cars.

There are also options for finger print and smart card reader security.

Ruggedized computers are traditionally niche products, with very little choice, low specifications and high price. 

Pioneer Computers has taken the commercial approach to this niche sector and introduced online build to order ruggedized computers.

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