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Pioneer Computers DreamVision ViiV Mini PC provides customer satisfaction

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PC magazine received a letter of appreciation from a satisfied customer on its last year’s review of Pioneer computers DreamVision ViiV Mini PC.

PC magazine provided a review of Pioneer Computers DreamVision ViiV Mini PC, and without that review the satisfied customer would not have known about or bought a DreamVision ViiV Mini PC.

The customer had sought a machine with the general properties of a notebook computer without the screen but with an on-board DVI interface. The Pioneer Computers DreamVision ViiV Mini PC has all these features.

The DreamVision ViiV Mini PC’s power supply is an external brick, which is silent. The optical drive is a letterbox type, which is inaudible in use, and the CPU and hard disc drive are notebook components that cannot be heard. The noisy component of the DreamVision ViiV Mini PC is the fan of the BenQ LCD screen, which the computer drives.

The DreamVision Mini PC comes with a chipset, which assumes that users will want to employ ViiV facilities under the operation of Windows MCE or Windows Vista, and the supplier offers remote control sticks to operate those facilities.

The customer expresses that there is immense convenience from controlling and navigating his system entirely with a long-range Logitech wireless mouse. With the mouse, TV, Power DVD software and the Windows XP operating system can perform the functions needed by the user.

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