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PIONEER Computers Australia signs new Government contract

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PIONEER Computers Australia  has signed up the $500 million ITS2007 New South Wales whole of government panel contract, the Panel Contract including supply of rugged computers and notebook, tablet PCs and UMPCs.

PIONEER Computers Australia has been New South Wales government supplier under ITS 2000 since year 2000.

According to PIONEER Computers Australia, “there used to be many more vendors on the panel back then. Under the new ITS2007contract, the government has narrowed down to only a handful of vendors. We are glad that we made it.”

PIONEER Computers Australia has been supplying its own brand of build to order computers (DreamVision), notebooks (DreamBook) and servers (DreamMicro) since 1996.

In recent years, rugged computers & notebook, tablet PCs, UMPCs and industrial computers have been added to the product line. Now there are more than 20 models PCs and notebooks ready for the ITS2007 contract.

PIONEER Computers Australia has showcased its products in the IT Forum, organised by the Department of Commerce. Hundreds of IT purchasing personnel from New South Wales Government Agencies get to touch and feel the products and talk to Pioneer Computers about their procurement requirements.

One of the flagship products of PIONEER Computers Australia has been the DreamBook UMPC 650.

The DreamBook UMPC 650 comes with a keypad, good news for those who are used to typing. Users can also opt to use the pen on the touch screen or position the cursor with the touchpad.

The DreamBook UMPC 650 has the look and feel of a notebook, just much more compact. The 6.5" wide WVGA TFT screens with a resolution of 800 X 480 comes with LED.

The battery life is longer than other models of UMPC, up to 4 to 5 hours, with 2 cells Lithium Polymer battery, 3900mAHr, totals 28.86 watts. It has a 300 pixel web cam for video over IP. It has an optional GPS, digital TV tuner and car holder.

“Ruggedised computer and notebooks, tablet PCs, UMPCs and industrial computers are not your everyday computers. They are for particular market segments with precise requirements for specific purposes. We are working with government, corporate and consultants on projects to roll out these machines as part of a solution.”

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