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PIONEER Computers Australia launches digital classroom presentation tools

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article image Digital classroom presentation tool iPen for schools and businesses

PIONEER Computers Australia  has entered the school digital classroom presentation market with its new range of products.

PIONEER Computers Australia has been supplying computers to the education market. There is a feedback from the channel and customers of PIONEER Computers Australia that certain products need to be added to its product portfolio to complement its current range of products.

There is a range of digital classroom presentation tools available from PIONEER Computers Australia which is designed targeting the schools. The products are also suitable for business presentations and various other applications.

One of the new products in the range is the iPen, based on new technology, one step ahead of the interactive whiteboards.

The digital classroom presentation tool is in the form of a pen, instead of the board. Thus users are not restricted to one board.

The iPen can be moved from classroom to classroom with minimal fuss. There is no need to use the keyboard. The iPen is simple to install and user friendly.

Users can start with minimal training. The iPen is powerful and dynamic. an interactive platform for teaching and presentation can be created using the iPen.

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