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Dreambook Tablet T10 available from PIONEER Computers Australia

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PIONEER Computers Australia  have released a versatile medical tablet PC targeted at the health care profession and are working closely with resellers in the rollout of the product in hospitals, aged care facilities and medical centres.

Today, nurses and physicians need better access to patient information at the point of decision to provide quality care more efficiently;. The limitation on traditional workflow cannot meet this requirement. Therefore, a new usage model that is customised for healthcare-specific use at the point of care, supporting the workflow of nurses and clinicians has been created and it is called MCA- Mobile Clinical Assistant.

The Dreambook Tablet T10 is a Medical Tablet PC that is optimised to provide access to the EMR system anytime, anywhere in the care flow.

Following are the three major guidelines in creating the DreamBook Tablet T10 Medical Tablet PC:

  • Infection control: Support best practices for controlling infection cross-contamination among patients
  • Reduce clinician workload: Not add further burden to an already overburdened workforce
  • Easy to learn and use: Designed for simplicity and rapid time to competence

The Dreambook Tablet T10 is designed for the following usage:

  • Clinical documentation: Patient progress, medication administration, order entry and completion
  • Patient 5-Rights verification: Right caregiver, right patient, right treatment, right time and right rate
  • Clinical collaboration: Clinician to clinician real-time sharing of patient data to resolve questions or issues without delay
  • Patient image capture: Capturing and storing in the EMR, images of a patient’s condition, and simplifies the work of clinical documentation

The Dreambook Tablet T10 Medical Tablet PC comes with a sealed design, which is easy to clean and disinfect. The LCD screen is finished with a splash-proof seal, and the entire unit carries an IP rating of IP54.

The Dreambook Tablet T10 comes with a hardened case that can survive up to 4 feet high drop (Mil Std. 810F) to protect critical parts/data and reduces maintenance downtime. The Dreambook Tablet T10 also comes with a carry handle that supports ’Grip & Go’ feature. The ergonomic handle allows users to effortlessly carry the machine all day.

The Dreambook Tablet T10 supports hand writing recognition for documentation of patient records and sound recording for dictation of patient notes. The Dreambook Tablet T10 comes with a digital camera that can be used for multiple purposes, including the wound documentation.

The Dreambook Tablet T10 also comes with barcode scanner and RFID reader used for patient ID, order entry and administration of medication. It can also eliminate double documentation, and increase the accuracy of the patient’s information while decreasing the potential for errors.

With the sensitive nature of patient records and privacy issues being of paramount importance, the Dreambook Tablet T10 has TPM 1.2 security to encrypt the data, which will be stored on the local HDD, optional finger print scanner for natural and easy for user authentication and Docking station lock mechanism to release the unit from the docking station, either scan the user's badge or use the fingerprint reader.

The Dreambook Tablet T10 features integrated wireless connections (including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) that allow seamless access to patient data any time and anywhere.

The Dreambook Tablet T10 features a rugged design that is drop resistant and water sealing. The drop test involves 26 drops of 36 inches to plywood over concrete with unit on 2 units to pass. The Water Sealing test involves Rain chamber to operate at no less 40PSIG and no less than 4 in/hr. 10 minute per axis, 6 axes, and unit is non-operating.

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