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New GPS Tracker available from Pinpoint Communications

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The GPS Tracker from Pinpoint Communications provides one of the extensive GPS tracking feature sets on the market and one of the few supporting multiple communications technologies.

The GPS Tracker’s small size, low power and rugged construction have allowed Pinpoint Communications to install the unit on everything from motorcycles to military Patrol vehicles.

The Tracker series provides the user with multiple triggers to generate vehicle logs, these include speed, distance, time plus up to 8 inputs. All this information is sent back to base with the position information based on trigger criteria programmed into the unit. This improves communications efficiency dramatically.

The Tracker series can be optioned for real time live tracking, scheduled reporting or data logging.

Data transfer can be accomplished via different mediums including GSM/SMS, GPRS, TETRA, EDACS and Radio. It can also be configured to use more than one of these mediums.

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