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Pinnacle Software provides web based interface for asset management

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Pinnacle Software  is a software development company providing new systems and support services to an extensive range of organisations in the public, private and corporate sectors. Since 1987, Pinnacle Software has been developing specialised systems with regard to asset management. Pinnacle Software also works with asset management consultants and maintenance outsourcing organisations to provide desired results to its clients.

Pinnacle Software offers specialised systems namely Pinnacle Web Express, Pinnacle Enterprise, Pinnacle Reports and Pinnacle Walkabout. Pinnacle Web Express is designed for total Internet enabled processing.

Pinnacle Web Express allows web access to the advanced asset management system through its high speed web based interface. Web Express users and the key users can access this interface from anywhere in the world. Pinnacle Software also provides tailor made Pinnacle Web Express to meet the asset management needs of an organisation.

Web Express facilitates the presentation of common tasks including moving assets and changing their custodian. This also allows users to see all the assets under their authority and make authorised changes to the data presented. To deliver updated information, maintenance users modify work orders and job requests through Web Express. All these functions and information are presented through a web browser to make the process simpler.

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