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Pinnacle Software provides tool for asset and maintenance management

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Pinnacle Software  offers Pinnacle Walkabout which is a handheld device for connecting to the asset management and maintenance system. Pinnacle Software holds a team of experienced consultants and software developers who assist in implementation and development of the software. Pinnacle Software also operates with a wide range of software distributors to provide support services to the public, private and corporate sectors.

Pinnacle Walkabout from Pinnacle Software is an ideal tool for asset and maintenance management personnel. This software offers access to all data related to asset management. It features asset stocktaking, asset tracking, asset data collection stores stocktaking etc. Other features of Pinnacle Walkabout include condition assessment, work order functions and many more.

Pinnacle Walkabout is a mobile interface to store asset and maintenance data. This mobile subset enables loading data from Pinnacle Enterprise. These hand held units facilitate capturing and processing asset and maintenance information. Onscreen functions are user friendly and provide accurate information benefiting the key users and Walkabout users.

A lot of asset related information including changes to assets is provided. Some organisations may have many assets that need to be moved, monitored or prepared for stock take. These tasks are performed by combining the key functions of Pinnacle Enterprise including streamlined programming and scanning technology.

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