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Fork cushions to reduce wear

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FORKLIFT damage and wear could be a thing of the past following the release of a fork cushion product by Pinard Enterprises.

The Fork-Kushions developed by Kastalon are said to offer a resilient yet durable solution by equipping a forklift with specially engineered polyurethane bumpers that are mounted to the upright of the fork.

The bumpers provide cushioning protection from marring, denting and other forms of damage. The structure offers excellent wear properties and vibration deadening without compromising the load capacity.

Adaptable for all sizes of forklift forks, Kastalon solid and Kast-A-Lite polyurethane Fork-Kushions are mounted directly to the face of the fork utilising a specifically designed permanent mounting bracket. This bracket is equipped with a high performance quick adhesion system providing easy installation and maximum bond strength.

By eliminating the need to weld or rivet the brackets there is no compromise to the regulated safety ratings of the forks. They will not move or shift and will withstand constant use and force.

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