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SafetyBUS p open bus systems from Pilz Australia

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SafetyBUS p was first launched in 1999 by Pilz Australia and has since been proven throughout the world in the widest range of industries and in many thousands of applications.

These safe, open bus systems, were designed for universal networking of plant and machinery,  allowing users to network PSS programmable control systems quickly and safely. The open protocol of the safe bus systems also enables customers to incorporate various field modules from other manufacturers.

SafetyBUS p have been especially formulated to transfer decentralised input/output signals safely, connect safety-related sensors and actuators directly and interconnect several PSS control systems safely,.

Logic safety groups can also be formed, and shut down individually in the case of an error, while the rest of the production process continues to run.

Some of the economic benefits of the use of  these open bus systems include:

•    Decentralised, safe networking of sensors and actuators,
•    Compliance with the very highest safety requirements in accordance with international standards,
•    Fast reaction times in the case of a hazardous event.

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