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Safety switches and machine safety products from Pilz Australia

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Non-contact safety switches, available from Pilz Australia , are increasingly used to protect safety gates, in accordance with the risk classification, rather than mechanical safety gate switches or roller switches.

Increasing automation in mechanical engineering means that the demands on machine safety are also rising. Aspects of process safety, availability and cost-effectiveness must all be reconciled. Safety guards or gates ensure that operating personnel are protected against flying metal swarf or hazardous movements on plant and machinery. Their position can be monitored by a wide range of safety switches available on the market, which take into account not only safety-related aspects but economic considerations too. The switch used will depend partly on the machine and partly on the safety-related requirements.

Rugged and compact, Pilz safety switches PSENmag are used on gates which are operated frequently or in areas with high environmental requirements due to dust or humidity, as in metal processing, the food industry or woodworking.

Safety related machinery equipment includes the following products, which assist in ensuring a machine's safety:

Coding protecting against manipulation:

  • They combine all the benefits of non-contact safety switches with maximum manipulation security thanks to individual actuator coding
  • Built-in “intelligence” means it is possible to achieve a high level of safety with just one switch
  • When used with machine tools and machining centres with cutting functions, coded safety switches such as Pilz’s PSENcode have the advantage of not attracting metal swarf, unlike non-contact magnetic safety switches
Guard locking devices provide safety:
  • Safety-related guard locking devices are used where cramped conditions mean that safety guards have to be located close to the hazardous movement
  • A mechanical guard locking device prevents the gate from being opened
  • Another field for guard locking devices can be found in protecting the process cycle
Magnetic force to keep the gate closed:
  • Relatively new to the market are process guard locking devices with integrated, safe position monitoring based on a magnetic action principle
  • They combine secure safety gate monitoring with a non-contact magnetic interlock of 500 N or 1000 N in one unit
  • With a compact design and IP67 protection, this guard locking device is also suitable for use in contaminated environments or in environments with high hygiene requirements, such as the food and packaging industry
A machine's safety-related equipment must also consider the interaction between different components in a safety chain, because this is a key factor, not only in achieving the required safety level, but also for integrating the safety technology harmoniously into the overall control system. In this respect, complete solutions with totally compatible components, composed of sensor technology and safe control technology, are a benefit to users.

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