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PILZ Australia is expanding its commitment to workplace safety with the launch of a new range of Programmable Safety Systems (PSS).

Utilising new technology, the PSS is designed to improve operator safety by automatically stopping the machine in the advent of an emergency, and at the detection of any fault in the control system.

Pilz Australia managing director Frank Schrever said the unique benefit of the PSS system was its ability to sense an operational fault and bring the operation to a halt immediately before the fault could become a major problem.

“Faults in safety related components located in the control system are detected and the machine is stopped until the problem has been rectified.

"Early detection of operational defects allows companies to fix minor problems before they escalate. This early detection results in an increase in productivity due to a reduction in downtime.

“It also promotes more cost effective maintenance procedures and it provides a safer working environment for the machine's operator."

The PSS uses approved failsafe software function blocks. These 'blocks' activate the automatic control functions that are required to safely control and monitor the sensors and actuators.

This 'approved block' system removes the need for programmers to create and verify their own failsafe software each time resulting in much safer, third party approved programs and significant time savings.

The Pilz PSS will also detect if a machine's safety mechanism has been tampered with, automatically preventing the machine from operating until the defective component has been repaired.

"There are still situations in the manufacturing industry where the issue of safety has not been taken seriously and with an average of 10 amputations daily as a result of incorrect or limited safety control there is still much room for improvement,” Mr Schrever said.

“The PSS is a positive step forward in facilitating safety of machines and automation at work."

The new Pilz PSS is suitable for installation across a broad range of manufacturing equipment and will be on display at the Pilz stand at National Manufacturing Week 2003 to be held in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from May 20-23.

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