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Pilz announces the release of PSS4000, an Automation System for multiple control tasks

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article image Pilz Australia's Automation Sytem PSS4000 for control and visualisation tasks

Ferret recently attended the product launch for Pilz Australia new Automation System the PSS4000. The PSS4000 Automation System from Pilz Australia is an innovative, complete automation system, providing standard and safety in open loop control, motion control and visualisation tasks.

The PSS4000 merges Pilz Australia's two specialist branches - safety and control. The PSS3000 is the predecessor to the PSS4000. The PSS4000 is the 'Google' for automation - it simplifies the automation process.
The PSS4000 covers all areas - standard control, safety, motion control, visualisation and diagnostics. The benefits the PSS4000 offers include:

  • Advanced support tools
  • flexibility in each engineering phase
  • Switch easily between different functions (i.e. standard control and safety control)
  • Provides extensive software library
  • Supports modulization of modern machine architecture - Decentralisation of control. This reduces costs, no added complexity - everything is on the one network and it allows the user to easily add new components.

Hardware Range:

  • PSS Universal PLC
  • PSS Universal Multi
  • PSS Universal I/O.
  • Safety and standard control are easy to manage = flexible
  • Diagnostics available from phase 1 launch
  • Safety technology has a high error detection rate
  • Solution orientated - helps the user locate and rectify the problem

Software range:

  • The ability to 'drag and drop' to create projects
  • Feb/March release - the PSS Multi and Multi-editor will be released
  • Remaining editors will be added after Feb

Phase 2 launch - Motion control editors within the PAS4000 environment = end of 2010
Phase 3 launch - Visulation editor which will include a touch screen = after 2010

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