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Pilz and DaimlerChrysler unveils sight for robots

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With SafetyEYE by Pilz and DaimlerChrysler, robots can see you coming and respond either slowing or stopping altogether while you pass by safely. This means workers will be interacting with machinery, just like they work alongside colleagues, without many of the barriers and safety gates that choke production lines.

The technology

SafetyEYE is a system of three cameras feeding images for analysis to a programmable logic controller (safety PLC). SafetyEYE can also be used for unobtrusive security of high-value items on public display (such as in museums).

The media conference

First viewing of the SafetyEYE in the Southern Hemisphere is open to invited media contacts only. Experts from Germany will demonstrate SafetyEYE for media, discuss the DaimlerChrysler experience and reveal SafetyEYE's future development plans.

Media-only video of SafetyEYE in operation safeguarding the DaimlerChrysler production line.


  • Productivity gains as access to machinery is faster and easier

          -warning zones mean machinery does not need to be halted as often

           -less wiring means less downtime

  • Adapts as plant changes and update safety zones simply with a mouse, rather than dismantling guarding
  • Installed in hours rather than days for faster commissioning and alteration of plant
  • Three dimensional protection that cannot be achieved with several light curtains, laser scanners and pressure sensitive mats

Cost savings such as protect, control and monitor with just one system.

Where and when:

Melbourne Exhibition Centre (Jeff's Shed)8 am Tuesday May 22, 2007

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