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Pilz Australia unveils new PNOZ safety relay PNOZmulti

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Pilz Australia  has introduced a new PNOZ safety relay called, PNOZmulti. The PNOZmulti can be used to monitor analogue input signals safely, such as current or voltage.

In the field of safety technology this has previously only been possible using programmable control systems. Used in conjunction with the analogue input module PNOZ ma1p, PNOZmulti is suitable for use in the process engineering sector, as well as for cable car and chair lift design and burner controls.

The analogue input module PNOZ ma1p provides two independent, safe inputs. With just a few clicks of the mouse in the PNOZmulti configuration tool it is possible to define up to eight limit values for each input.

The inputs are suitable for connecting transducers or encoders with standardised 10V voltage signals or 20mA current signals. The new module is just 45mm wide. Users benefit from rapid commissioning and reduced wiring.

The benefits of the PNOZmulti include :

  • Simple configuration of up to eight limit values per input; no need for intricate programming
  • Saves costs: Configuration is simple to modify and adapt
  • Quick to implement: Download the configuration to the chip card and insert into the base unit

The key features of the PNOZmulti are :

  • PNOZmulti Configurator: from version 5.3.0
  • Base unit PNOZ m1p: from version 5.5
  • Base unit PNOZ m2p: from version 2.5
  • Range monitoring (4 range limits can be configured)
  • Threshold value monitoring (8 limit values can be configured)
  • Installed to the left of the base unit
  • Max. 4 PNOZ ma1p units can be connected to the base unit

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25/07/2012 - Is it the U shaped yellow clip you are after? We do not supply a linking cable for remote installation. The two units have to be mounted side by side.

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