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The PMCtendo AC servo motors from Pilz Australia have been designed to suit a wide range of applications which include machine tools, packaging machines, printing machinery, paper production, filling and handling and robotics.

Some of the advantages of the PMCtendo AC servo motors include:

•    High dynamics and torque stability
•    Excellent ratio between torque/moment of inertia
•    Extremely quiet operation in all speed ranges
•    Smooth operation at low speed
•    High reliability even in extreme working conditions
•    High resolution absolute value encoder for highest performance and absolute positioning
•    High motor dynamics
•    Compact dimension
•    Excellent controllability,  achieved using the high resolution absolute encoder as a feedback system. Through this it is possible to read the absolute position of the servo motors during operation. Even when the machine has been switched off or there is a power failure, the absolute position will still be available.

The following are some of the features of the  PMCtendo servo motors:

•    3-phase servo motors with rare earth permanent magnets
•    Feedback with built-in 2-pole standard resolver or optional high resolution absolute encoder system .
•    Flange: IM B5 (V1, V3), flange type A in accordance with IEC 72-1, j6 fit, “increased” accuracy in accordance with DIN 42955 .
•    Vibration class “R” in accordance with ISO 2373.
•    Balancing with half feather key.
•    Protection type: IP44 (size 2X), IP65 (sizes 3X, 5X, 6X, 7X, AX), with shaft seal ring.
•    Shaft with feather key (k6 fit).
•    Thermal switch 140 °C (N/C contact).

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