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New safety switch from Pilz

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article image PSEN safety switch -- protected against defeat.

A NEW non-contact safety switch from Pilz with an 8mm switching distance is easier to install, copes with bouncing gates and meets international safety standards.

Unlike proximity switches, which can be falsely triggered by metals in the surrounding environment, and fail to "on", the Pilz PSEN 2.2 non-contact safety switch is well protected against defeat as required by State regulations.

Suitable for use in Category 4 safety systems, the PSEN 2.2 is part of Pilz's BG approved safety systems, comprising the PNOZelog electronic safety relays, PNOZmulti (configurable safety relay), PSS programmable safety systems and the safe, open fieldbus SafetyBUSp.

The PSEN 2.2's safety credentials are matched by ease of installation and use. Its 8mm switching distance provides added latitude for installers and accommodates bouncing or vibrating gates without disruption to plant.

Installation of the compact, cylindrical PSEN 2.2 is easy, as it slides smoothly into drilled holes and areas normally occupied by conventional proximity switches. A plug-in cable means wiring is fast and simple.

Once in place, the Pilz PSEN 2.2 is designed for maintenance-free, reliable operation. There are no wearing parts and the switch is built to withstand shock and vibration.

Rated at IP67 for high level dust and water resistance, the Pilz PSEN 2.2 is suitable for harsh, dirty applications through to clean room environments such as food manufacturing or pharmaceuticals.

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