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New safety gate systems from Pilz Australia

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article image New safety gate systems from Pilz Australia

PSENsgate safety gate systems from Pilz Australia are a combination of electronics and mechanics, enabling the user to achieve the highest category using a single system. In the smallest possible space, PSENsgate combines safety gate monitoring, safe guard locking with escape/auxiliary release, E-STOP, request and acknowledgment button plus a range of additional functions.

Key features of the safety gate systems from Pilz include:

  • All safety functions and control elements for safety gates are available in just a single ready-to-install system
  • Integrated E-STOP enables you to economise on safe inputs
  • Due to the addition of an optional enable switch, the safety gate systems are also easy to expand
Coding helps to provide the highest protection against manipulation and defeat. A closing lock on the safety gates can also be implemented through a padlock on the bolt. As a broken pin and broken bolt are safely detected, PSENsgate safety gate systems offer increased security for machines on which the potential risk is particularly high. This also includes protection against hazardous movements and overrun.

PSENsgate safety gate systems can be used in applications up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1, SIL 3 of EN/IEC 62061 and Category 4 of EN 954-1. It is also possible to connect additional safety gate systems PSENsgate- the non-contact safety system PSENslock and coded safety switches PSENcode in series, without reducing the high level of safety. Safety gate systems PSENsgate can be used in all industries, or anywhere that safety gates have to be opened repeatedly for assembly or operational purposes.

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