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Multi-functional configurable safety relay

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PILZ now offers a new solution which enables safe, economical control of plant and machinery. The new PNOZmulti is an economical solution for safety applications of medium complexity.

For simple applications the PNOZ X and PNOZelog-range of safety relays are still the best solution, and on large complex plants, programmable safety systems (PSS) or the safe, open bus system SafetyBUS p are recommended.

PNOZmulti is a new freely configurable safety relay which can be used where several safety functions are required.

PNOZmulti is the ideal solution, particularly for use on series machines, processing centres, tool, packaging, printing machinery, robot cells and production lines.

It can be used anywhere that requires safe monitoring of safety gates, guards, safety light barriers and emergency stop buttons.

Machines often require several of these safety monitoring functions. If safety gate monitoring is used, at least one emergency stop button will also need to be monitored, for example. Typical applications can have between four and 14 safety functions.

Due to its modular structure, the PNOZmulti can be adapted to suit the range of safety functions required.

For example, the safety functions on a basic machine can be covered using the PNOZ m1p base module, while the extended safety functions on a high-end machine can be covered using expansion modules.

The benefit of the modular PNOZmulti is that it can grow with each machine expansion level.

The PNOZ m1p base module, has 20 inputs and five outputs. This enables plant and machinery with up to 14 safety functions to be controlled.

Input and output modules using relay and semiconductor technology can be used to expand the modular system. These expansion modules are all available in 22.5 mm slimline housing.

The input module PNOZ mi1p has eight safe inputs. The semiconductor output module has 2 semiconductor outputs, the relay output module has one safe relay output. The base unit can be expanded with up to eight modules.

Non-safety-related auxiliary outputs can be used to signal the status of function blocks, inputs, logic connections or outputs. The signal module PNOZ mc1p has 16 outputs and is available for this purpose.

The function of the PNOZmulti is the same as that of a standard safety relay such as the PNOZ. However, with the PNOZmulti there is no need to wire the units together and the functions can be freely selected.

Function blocks are available for almost every safety function, such as monitoring emergency stops, light barriers and safety gates or operating two-hand controls.

These function blocks can be configured and freely assigned and are linked via logic functions such as an AND/OR connection.

Configuration can be performed via a standard PC interface using the PNOZmulti configurator. Selections are made and parameters set via a graphical configuration on the PC.

A smart card reader is used to store the set configuration on a smart card, which is then inserted into the PNOZmulti. The smart card can only be configured if the hardware is recognised as valid.

For use on series machines, the smart card configuration can simply be copied. For machines with different expansion levels, various configurations can be created based on a master configuration. Pilz also offers ready-configured applications.

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