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Light curtain muting controller

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article image The new PMUT X1P muting controller from Pilz offers greater availability and safety through its integral ability to switch muting lamps automatically.

THE PMUT X1P muting controller from Pilz can be used with all types of light curtain muting sensors such as light barriers, proximity switches, inductive sensors and mechanical switches, irrespective of their make.

A separate emergency stop circuit can also be connected, which can trigger a shutdown regardless of the status of the muting controller.

Muting is the safe, temporary suspension of electrosensitive protective equipment (ESPE), so that material can be transported into and out of a hazardous area.

Special sensors are used to ensure the muting controller only starts the muting cycle while the material is being transported through the protected field.

People are not able to activate the muting sensors in this way. If they access the hazardous area, they will trigger a shutdown of the potentially dangerous movement.

A special feature of the PMUT X1 P is its integral ability to switch muting lamps automatically. Muting lamps are monitored, and if a fault occurs, the unit automatically switches to a second lamp.

If this happens a warning is issued, and the defective lamp can be exchanged during operation. This guarantees greater availability and safety.

Another benefit is the clear diagnostic function, through which the muting status can easily be tracked via LEDs.

The new PMUT X1 P is particularly effective in the automotive industry and production technology, on press lines, industrial ovens, as well as welding cells or in mechanical engineering. Pilz Australia 03 9544 6300.

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