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Electronic two-hand safety control

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article image Pilz two-hand control device.

THE world's first electronic two-hand control device for type IIIC in accordance with EN 574 is available from Pilz Australia .

EN574, the European standard for machine safety relating to two hand control stations, defines three types of two hand controls, type IIIC being suitable for the most dangerous machines.

Pilz has produced two versions: the PNOZ e2.1p at IIIC is ideal for use on machines like presses and the IIIA compliant PNOZ e2.2p for less stringent safety requirements.

Both versions are failsafe and reliable. Semiconductor technology at the heart of the Pilz units means they are non-wearing, maintenance-free and resistant to shock and vibration.

A long service life is assured, even when duty cycles are high. The Pilz two-hand controls are also flexible and user-friendly.

Enclosed in 22.5mm slim line housing, the PNOZ e2.1p and PNOZe2.2p are pluggable and can be connected to other relays in the PNOZelog-range via logic AND/OR operations.

The result is a simply configured complete solution, comprising two-hand control, emergency stop function and operating mode selector switch with minimal wiring.

The units are part of the PNOZelog safety relay range, suitable for a wide variety of safety functions such as monitoring emergency stops, safety gates and light barriers, with or without a time delay.

A high level of safety is guaranteed with continuous function test on the inputs and a permanent self-check.

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