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Category 4 safety made faster, simpler

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article image Pilz decentralised module -- suitable for Category 4 rated plant.

SAFETY systems controlling large, complex machinery are now faster, simpler to implement and more cost effective with the release of a new input/output module from Pilz Australia .

The Pilz PSS SB DI8OZ4 decentralised I/O module is suitable for Category 4 rated plant with several functions that must be shut down rapidly, such as large presses.

Up to four independent dual-pole outputs can be switched simultaneously. Until now, they had to be divided between two I/O modules, but the Pilz PSS SB DI8OZ4 allows all four to be driven without a time offset. Operation is fast and potentially lifesaving.

The more streamlined configuration brings the added benefit of a reduced bus load. Up to four load contactors with the corresponding feedback loop monitoring and test pulse outputs can be driven through one module, simplifying the system and lowering costs.

Fewer subscriber addresses make programming even easier and preserve system capacity for later additions.

The module's inputs can be used universally. They are suitable for elements that use contacts, such as emergency stop switches, as well as active electronic safety systems like light guards and scanner systems.

The PSS SB DI8OZ4 is the latest innovation from Pilz to complement the SafetyBUS p safety network.

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