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Consultancy services on risk management from PicoNet Consulting

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PicoNet Consulting  provides consultancy services for a range of areas including program and risk management, business development support, bid management and contracting as well as asset management programs. With regard to developing the telecommunications and infrastructure industry, various activities are performed by PicoNet Consulting including program risk management, relationships and partnering plans as well as process design and evaluation.

Other activities from PicoNet Consulting include mobilisation, planning and execution, performance management, network deployment planning and monitoring, site acquisition and planning, programming and scheduling and budgeting. As a part of providing business development support services, PicoNet Consulting offers due diligence, program management, response strategy, documentation, program and technical support.

PicoNet Consulting also provides bid management and contracting services including project management, tender management and evaluation, negotiations and compliance and program and project planning. Additionally, PicoNet Consulting offers asset management programs which include operations and facilities management as well as program compliance and audit programs.

In addition to the consultancy services, PicoNet Consulting also provides technical support for infrastructure investors by focusing on business process review, new initiative project plan, new asset integration, safety management plans and systems and operations management plans and process. PicoNet Consulting offers consultancy services for developing and implementing procurement processes, promotion of wider industry adoption, facilitation of systems development and independent project overview.

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