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Pica Activated offers activated carbons for food industries

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Pica Activated  offers activated carbons in both powder and granular form to agro-foods industries. Manufactured from wood or coconut shell, activated carbons such as Picapure, Picactif and Picahydro are refining agents to purify and decolourise food products. Wood based activated carbons are ideal for colour regulation, while coconut shell based activated carbons are used for purification.

Pica Activated offers activated carbons for an extensive range of industries including cooking oils and glycerine, sugar and glucose, fruit juice, protein and enzymes, wines and alcohol and food additives. Pica Activated supplies activated carbons from 10 kilogram sack to bulk deliveries.

Activated carbons from Pica Activated extract solvents, purify petrochemical waste products, act as catalysts as well as purify and decolorise chemical products. Pica Activated provides activated carbons for optimum extraction of solvents involved in manufacturing and chemical processes.

Activated carbons are ideal for purifying gases, refining water and contaminated soil. Pica Activated supplies activated carbons that are highly efficient in adsorbing organic compounds like alkanes and alkenes as well as acids and oxygenated compounds.

Picatal is an activated carbon from Pica Activated and this is designed for catalysis. It features hardness, low rate of impurity and high degree of activation. Activated carbons act as a support for catalysts such as platinum, palladium, ruthenium and rhodium.

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