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Pica Activated offers activated carbons for extracting and purifying metals

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Pica Activated  offers activated carbons like Picagold for use in adsorption of metallic compounds including gold, copper, zinc, magnesium etc. This allows for the use of low grade ores. It is also used for the full extraction and purification of metals. Pica Activated also assists clients in the entire extraction process and in the optimum use of carbons.

Coconut based activated carbon is supplied by Pica Activated to several mining industries in Asia, North America, South America, Australia and Africa. Activated carbons are an important factor in the viability and profitability of mining operations. Activated carbons offered by Pica Activated are hard and they protect against losses through abrasion especially in adsorbed gold.

Pica Activated also adapts effective techniques for gold extraction from iron ore. These techniques enable the extraction of even one gram of gold from one ton of iron ore underground.

Activated carbons produced by Pica Activated are activated through post-treatment and re-treatment which includes sieving, pulverising, grinding and impregnation. Activated carbons from Pica Activated are the product of plant matter like coconut as well as raw and impregnated wood. Further, resources utilised by Pica Activated are renewable as well.

Additionally, Pica Activated also supplies Picahydro and Picabiol for hydro industries. Picaclean, Picacarb and Picatox are widely used in industrial emissions and air purification.

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