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Safety on site or on the factory floor

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Automated CPR machines are increasing safety on the work site.
Mining and manufacturing are unhealthy industries.
Despite the physicality of some parts of it, many workers spend the day sitting behind the controls of one type of a machine or another.
If workers have a heart attack while they are operating machinery, they not only put themselves at risk, they can also endanger other, especially those that are trying to resuscitate them.
On top of this, many workers aren't trained in CPR, and for those that are, and the emergency paramedics on site, they can only perform CPR for so long before fatigue sets in.
Physio-Control has begun selling the Lucas 2 automated chest compression system, which is designed to provide constant CPR to a worker who has suffered a heart attack.
The machine uses suction cups to stick to a person's chest by creating a negative pressure, and provides five centimeters of compression and decompression.
It has been used successfully on a man weighing 162 kilograms.
It has a three button operation system, and runs off lithium batteries that provide 45 minutes of continuous power.
It is transported in a backpack, and in trained hands can be taken out of the bag and in operation within 15 seconds.

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