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The range of specialised and customised photometric equipment available for purchase from Photometric Solutions International includes LED Ganzfelds, Tunnel Entrance Photometers, Optical Rails and Transient Signal Measurement equipment.

FS-250A LED Ganzfelds
These devices are programmable LED luminance sources. Their design incorporates a 200 mm diameter sphere which has been coated internally with a high-reflectance diffuse paint. The illumination is provided by internal arrays of white LEDs. The photometric equipment can be used as an LED luminance standard or as a powerful R&D tool to study the fundamentals of vision.

TEP-2.0 Tunnel Entrance Photometers
These measurement systems are essential to the energy efficient lighting of tunnel entrances and exits. The photometric equipment is installed in front of the entrance or exit and produces an output current proportional to the luminance in the central field of view around the tunnel's entrance or exit. The signal produced is used to switch banks of luminaires on or off, thus saving energy and keeping the tunnel at an optimum compared with the surrounding luminance.

Optical Rails
Photometric Solutions International offer customised optical rail systems for various applications. These systems can be detector based or source based or a combination of the two. There is also a choice of manual or motorised. This photometric equipment includes:

  • Luxmeter and photometer head calibrations
  • UV radiometer calibrations
  • Creating luminous intensity standards
Transient Signal Measurement devices
These devices are used for measuring the luminous intensity and chromaticity as a function of time. The photometric equipment is currently being used for profiling signals such as flashing and rotating beacons, maritime warning lamps and arrow boards.

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