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Small-scale goniophotometer

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article image The LG-1.0 goniophotometer.

THE LG-1.0 goniophotometer from Photometric Solutions is a small-scale goniophotometer for photometric characterisations of lamps, LEDs and LED clusters. It is designed for manufacturers or institutions who do not have the space or budget for a larger goniophotometer, or who are testing only small samples.

The sample is mounted on the goniometer and rotated around a pivot point through two axes of rotation. This presents the different orientations of the test item towards a detector, mounted at a distance across the room. Through this way the luminous flux and luminous intensity distribution (beam characteristics) of the test item is measured.

The easy-to-use software that comes with the system performs these measurements automatically and produces comprehensive and professional reports. This includes polar curves and Cartesian graphs, calculations of beam widths and efficiencies, IsoLux and IsoCandela diagrams, etc.

The photometric measurement apparatus consists of a V (lambda)-corrected photocell and photocurrent amplifier with built-in analogue-to-digital converter. The photocells that are available range in quality from basic detectors up to quality, temperature-controlled units with spectral response that meets the requirements for LED measurements according to CIE and IEC literature.

For more information on our LG-1.0 Goniophotometer, please contact one of our representatives or sales/applications engineers on 9568 1879 or email sales@photometricsolutions.com.

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