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Photometry products from Photometric Solutions International

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Photometric Solutions International  is a company involved in colorimetry, photometry, radiometry and in the designing and development of integrated designs. Photometric Solutions International also provides consultancy in designing customized photometric solutions, visual ergonomics, upgrading goniophotometer systems, automating photometric applications and illuminance measurement.

The products from Photometric Solutions International include signal and automotive goniophotometers that operate in headlamps, indicators, traffic and railway signals and in maritime signaling devices. ASG 5.0 model is a high end goniophotometer with cut off stability monitoring while ASG 3.0 is a mid range goniophotometer, more compact than ASG 5.0. Both these models confirm to a number of photometric tests and rules. ASG 1.0 is a low range goniophotometer for moderate aims, research and development purposes.

The luminaire goniophotometer from Photometric Solutions International has two towers, for the mirror and luminaire. The luminaire arm helps in adjusting the length of the luminaire and a hand held controller is also provided to move the test item. A rack system houses the power supply while the report generation software produces comprehensive reports.

Flux integrators measure the luminous flux and distribution of luminous intensity of lamps. This device fits in a standard room and can be scaled to fit in larger rooms also. A rotating lamp holder with the lamp and a photocell mounted on an arm is used for measuring the luminous flux.

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