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Photometric Solutions unveils new application for ASG-3.0 midrange goniophotometer

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Photometric Solutions International (PSI) has unveiled a new application for its ASG-3.0 midrange goniophotometer.

Initially designed for the measurement of the luminous intensity distribution of automotive lighting and signalling devices such as headlamps, fog lamps, brake lights, direction indicators, etc., PSI has developed a range of application software to utilise the ASG-3.0 in maritime and aeronautical applications.

The ASG-3.0 will perform a luminous intensity distribution measurement on the device, and produce a report including useful information such as:

  • Vertical divergence and horizontal divergence;
  • Navigation lamp scans;
  • Time profile measurements;
  • H-V beam profile scans;
  • Average equatorial intensity;
  • Calculation of beam angle, field angle, etc;
  • Calculation of effective intensity and luminous range (by day and by night);
  • IsoLux and IsoCandela diagrams

In conjunction with other measurement systems, the ASG-3.0 can be used for studies such as the measurement of chromaticity coordinates (colour) and the summation of luminous flux. The photometer system that comes with the ASG-3.0 has a good V (l) response that meets the CIE requirement for measuring coloured devices such as LEDs.

The ASG-3.0’s control software operates in an easy-to-use, step-by-step manner that guides the user through the process of measurement to make measurement easy for even inexperienced operators.

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