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Products from Photometric Solutions International also include integrating spheres, spectrometers and reflex reflector measurement systems. Integrated spheres of four sizes made of steel, aluminum or fiber glass are available with features like in built laser for positioning test item, thermocouple for measuring temperature, standard ports for spectral and luminous flux measurement. Other options available include integrating other devices, automation mode, batch mode operation.

Spectrometers for chromaticity measurement are available in SP 2C real time and SP IR research grade types. The SP 2C type features a CCD array arrangement and a single defraction grating. The alignment optics, entrance slits, CCD array and grating are all fixed. After acquiring a spectrum, the chromaticity coordinates and colour temperature are also displayed.

SP IR is a research grade spectrometer from Photometric Solutions International with monochromator chambers, motorized entrance and exit, UV detectors, motorized filter wheel and other optional accessories.

Reflex reflector measurement systems measure reflex reflector's co efficient of luminous intensity. A projector illuminates the test item and then measures the luminous intensity of the light coming from the test item.
RR 5.0 is a type of reflex measurement system which is fully automated and motorized for measuring the co efficient of luminous intensity while RR 1.0 is a basic, manual system where the photocell has to be manually moved. The goniophotometer is also a manual one in this system. This is ideal for laboratories where measurement is done rarely.

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