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Portable Aluminium Gantry Crane Systems

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Each model can be disassembled for ease of transportation and quickly assembled in a matter of minutes. These portable gantry cranes from Phoenix Lifting can support up to 1,500 kg with spans up to 6m and heights to 4m and come in a collapsible, static or moveable model.

Features and Benefits of Portable Gantry Cranes:
The portable gantry crane models are available with a horizontal adjuster which makes it possible to vary the length of the slide if space becomes restricted. Wall brackets are also available to support one end of the gantry crane, providing a use over doors or regular access areas. Providing the optimal balance between portability, ease of use and load bearing ability these German designed gantry cranes also provide users with the maximum flexibility in meeting all their lifting requirements.

Collapsible Gantry Cranes    
This models collapsible lateral stand makes the Collapsible Gantry Crane easy to move, transport and store. The Collapsible Gantry Cranes are available in three models, each varying in size.

•    Maxi - heights up to 4 m
•    Standard - up to 3 m
•    Mini - up to 2.1m

Static Gantry Cranes
The Static Gantry Crane model has non-collapsible side frames and comes in two heights.

•    Standard - up to 3m
•    Mini - up to 2.1m

Movable Aluminium Gantry Cranes
This model has all the benefits of the other two Portable Gantry Cranes but is also fitted with wheels so it can be moved under load (up to 1,000 kg).

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