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Range of UV analysers available from Phoenix Instrumentation

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With the Procal 5000 full spectrum, in-situ, multi-component UV analyser vailable from Phoenix Instrumentation has been designed for minimal maintenance, and to be fully verifiable to meet the requirements of environmental agencies.

The analyser overcomes the need for complex extractive systems which inevitably require a high level of maintenance.

Procal’s range of analysers can be zeroed and calibrated automatically logging any necessary adjustment to ensure the analyser is within calibration.

Procal Analytics’ range of analysers is used in any situation where the customer requires an accurate and reliable CEM system with minimal maintenance requirements.

Installations include power plants, incinerators, paper and pulp mills, steel plants, refineries and cement kilns.

The instruments comply with many national requirements including US EPA 40 CFR Part 60 and 75, monitoring stack gas components such as NO, NO2, SO2, CO, CO2, VOC, HF, HCL, Cl2, H2S, TRS and NH3.

The instrument is mounted on the stack or duct to be monitored with the sample cell in the flue gas. The in-situ cell is protected by a sintered envelope which allows the stack gas to pass through while excluding particulates.

By introducing compressed air through a port in the side of the instrument, the flue gas is forced out of the sample cell and the instrument will automatically zero.

In the same way, test gas can be introduced into the sample cell enabling the instrument to be spanned. If the zero or span is outside specification, the analyser will automatically make and log the required adjustment.

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