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Procal 5000 series UV analyser from Phoenix Instrumentation

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The new Procal 5000 full spectrum, multi-component, UV analyser can continually monitor low levels of NO and NO2 in the region of 0 – 10ppm in addition to simultaneously monitoring SO2, Cl2 and many more stack gas emission components.

This in-situ, CEM analyser is fully verifiable and complies with the requirements of environmental authorities such as US EPA CFR Part 60 and 75.

This has enabled the Procal 5000 to replace the more complex chemilluminescent system, which not only suffers from the drawbacks of using extractive instruments, such as heated take-off and heated line pumps etc, but also requires a significant amount of instrument maintenance.

This, coupled with the high consumption of spares, results in the cost of ownership of the chemilluminescent system being high.

The Procal 5000 available from Phoenix Instrumentation has been specifically designed to remove the need for a high level of maintenance.

However, it still achieves a high level of accuracy, repeatability and is designed to be fully verifiable to demonstrate to environmental agencies that it is within calibration.

Typical applications in power stations:

  • Gas turbine - low level NO, NO2, SO2
  • Ammonia slip - low level NH3, NO, NO2
  • Low NOx burners - low level NO, NO2

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