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Power stations use gas analysers for monitoring emissions

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Procal Analytics PULSI 200LR multi-component stack gas analyser has been demonstrated to be one of the effective means of continuously monitoring emissions from power stations.

Typical specification:

  • Range 1: 0 – 500ppm NOx
  • Range 2: 0 – 250ppm CO
  • Range 3: 0 – 1000ppm CO
  • Range 4: 0 – 500ppm SO2
  • Range 5: 0 – 12% CO2
  • Range 6: 0 – 12% H2O

The gas analyser is fitted to the stack or duct with the sample cell protruding into the gas flow, where the measurement takes place.

The benefit of Procal’s approach over other stack mounted analysers is that compressed instrument air can be applied to the in-situ sample cell to check zero, and by the same method, certified test gas can be applied to enable the instrument to be verified. These checks can be either manual or fully automatic.

The data from the stack mounted analyser is transmitted to Procal’s Industrial PC, or, indeed, a conventional desktop PC where the information is displayed, data logged and re-transmitted if required.

By adding an oxygen analyser, the PULSI 200LR can report pollutant measurements normalised, and, because the system already monitors water vapour, the reported pollutant level can either be displayed on a wet or dry basis.

A further benefit of continuously monitoring the water vapour level is that leaks within the boiler can be detected.

The multi-stack gas analyser is available from Phoenix Instrumentation .

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