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MRU offers MRU Vario Plus portable flue gas analysers

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The MRU Vario Plus is the ultimate in portable flue gas analysers. Designed for the professional, the Vario Plus from MRU (Germany) is the ideal unit for industrial applications. With a full metal case this unit offers durability and protection of internal components. The Vario Plus offers high accuracy, better resolution, and a wide range of both measured and calculated values.


Capable of simultaneously measuring up to 9 different gases – O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S CO2 CH4 C3H8 and H2, with CO2, CO, SO2 CH4 and C3H8 capable of being measured on a Infra red basis. The NDIR (non-dispersive Infrared) measurements remove the need for replacing of measurement cells (sensors), reducing long-term maintenance costs.


The Vario Plus is a fully portable system that can be used for either spot checks or on a semi continuous basis, the units’ internal sample conditioning system, incorporating a gas cooler (with auto water collection and removal), particulate filters and ranges of sample probes, ensure that measurements can be made over extended periods of time, where continued sampling is required. Measurements can be made in extreme atmospheres experienced in industrial applications, including high temperatures, up to 1700C, and high dust loads.


Data logging is also onboard utilising modern MMC cards for data storage, whilst the onboard printer can print out comprehensive information at the push of a button. Analogue outputs (8 x 4-20mA) are also an option as well as a RS232 link to a PC.


The unit has a wide range of options and can be configured to the users’ specific requirements. The unit is suitable for many different applications including compliance testing of turbines, boilers and furnaces.

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