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The testo 335 flue gas analyser for industrial applicationsThe testo 335 from Phoenix Instrumentation is a flue gas analyser designed for industrial applications. 

The testo 335 is highly versatile and can be used by the operators of industrial combustion systems such as processing and power plants, by service technicians working for the manufacturers of boilers and burners, for plant construction and also for stationary engines.

Even spot check measurements lasting up to two hours are possible.

The testo 335 is equipped with a standard O2 measuring cell. Two additional cells such as CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2 or SO2 can be fitted as required.

This guarantees highest flexibility when adapting to changing applications. The testo 335's instrument diagnosis provides information on the quality level of functions and wear parts at the touch of a button.

Also included is a quality check on measuring cells, filter status, condensate trap level indicator, leaks in analyser, pump capacity, charging status of rechargeable battery, date of last maintenance and sensor calibration data.

Very high CO concentrations often occur when "starting up" combustion systems and when monitoring emissions in stationary engines.

As a protection, the CO measuring cell can be diluted with fresh air. In this way, the CO measurement range is extended to 50,000ppm.

An additional option is the dilution of all measuring cells. The measurement range of each individual measuring cell is thus increased by a factor of 2.

The measuring cell is therefore not under any greater pressure than in normal measurements. The testo 335 analyser includes an automatically controlled built in sample gas pump via a wide negative and positive pressure range (from -200 to +50 mbar) - the pump flow is held constantly in this range.

One further benefit is if the probe filter becomes blocked it does not have any influence on the pump flow.

Lithium ion rechargeable batteries are able to be charged both inside the analyser and outside. They are highly compact, with a service life of more than six hours.   

The testo 335 allows measurement programs to run independently, making spot check measurements lasting up to a maximum of two hours. Five measurement programs are predefined by default.

They can be changed by the user at any time and stored as required.Testo’s design eliminates condensate developing in the measuring cell.

This factor and the special design of the gas paths in the analyser in conjunction with the positioning of the condensate trap prevents blockage and considerably prolongs service life.

The gas pump is spared and its service life extended on account of the layout of the gas paths and an additional filter.

The condensate trap is easily accessible for emptying.Probes can be attached quickly and easily. When changing probes the analyser automatically recognises the request and the corresponding measurement menu appears immediately.

The probe can remain positioned in the flue gas during the initialisation phase of the measuring cells. The testo 335's calibration phase is complete after thirty seconds.

The memory management system inside the analyser facilitates easy, user-friendly structuring of the data.The testo 335 also has a USB interface plus a built-in IRDA interface.

Additional calculations or individual measurement protocols can be generated using "easyEmission" software.

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