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Gas analysers, dust monitors, portable flue gas analysers.


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02/11/07 - Procal Analytics PULSI 200LR multi-component stack gas analyser has been demonstrated to be one of the effective means of continuously monitoring emissions from power stations.
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01/11/07 - The new Procal 5000 full spectrum, multi-component, UV analyser can continually monitor low levels of NO and NO2 in the region of 0 – 10ppm in addition to simultaneously monitoring SO2, Cl2 and many more stack gas emission components.
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31/10/07 - Procal’s range of analysers can be zeroed and calibrated automatically logging any necessary adjustment to ensure the analyser is within calibration.
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05/10/07 - The DT370 series instruments are particularly suited for monitoring particulate emissions from industrial applications controlled with bagfilter-type arrestment plant having rugged performance and sufficient resolution for these applications.
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PCME - Particulate Emission monitors Procal - Continuous Gas Emission Monitors Testo - Portable Flue gas analysers

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