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Terminal block with plugged output

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article image A distinctive feature of the ST Combi family is its plug-in contact.

PHOENIX Contact offers a solution that has an ST Combi plugged output for its ST spring cage terminal block series. Installation is modular, flexible and quick with this plug-in system.

A nominal conductor current in a 2.5mm2 conductor can be plugged in over a distribution width of 5.2mm with performance data of 24A and 500V. This makes it one of the most powerful plug-in systems of its kind on the market.

Contacts in the terminal and connector are designed so they cannot be touched. A patented spring of the ST series is used in the basic terminals and connectors that gives a maximum of connecting space.

Conductors with a nominal cross sectional area of 2.5mm2 can be connected up in this way with or without wire end ferrules. All the system features of the ST spring cage terminal block series have been integrated in this plug-in system. Various ST families can be combined with each other using identical links.

These links are also used in connectors. Generously spaced lettering in the centre of the terminal is also part of a general concept. This saves time when it is done in one operation. Phoenix Contact 02 9524 4455.

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